Why Planefinder?


Request a flight with your terms. Get access to Aircraft Operators all across the country without exchanging contact information until your post is accepted. No fees, no hassle, NO RISK.

Unless specified otherwise, each flight is for an entire aircraft. For group trips, this means the final price can be split among each member of the group. For families traveling together, it means everyone can travel on the same aircraft for one set price.

Control costs by sending employees to their destinations at a price you can afford. At PlaneFinder, corporations have the opportunity of flying several employees to a destination on one private aircraft. This ensures on time arrival and the privacy to conduct business while in flight. Because the entire aircraft will be priced at a flat fee for the entire group, the cost may be equal to or slightly less than paying to fly the entire group on a commercial flight.

Search through countless passengers’ postings for free. Whether it’s a deadhead you are trying to fill last minute or a direct route you want to fly – PlaneFinder is the best platform for quickly filling seats on your aircraft.

Expand your possibilities. PlaneFinder gives you the ability to tap into a larger pool of resources to more effectively meet your customers’ needs.